Iran Increases Crude Oil Production, Targets 4 Million Barrels Per Day!


The Iranian government in fact has plans to increase crude oil production to 4 million barrels per day. That was the highest figure Iran had ever reached even before the United States imposed sanctions in 2018.

Local media reported that the Iranian government had recently learned that the authorities had sent documents about the plan to journalists in Tehran and urged them to publicize it.

A higher oil production figure is one of the claims made in the document as found by Iran International.

In November, Iran's Crude Oil Minister Javad Owji reported that the country was producing 3.4 million barrels a day and about 1.2 million more than in mid-2021.

However, OPEC and the International Energy Agency targeted Iran's crude oil production limit of 3.1 million barrels per day last September. Owji has requested a relaxation of output levels of 3.3 million barrels in the month.

However, oil production and exports have increased since 2020 as the new US administration changed Washington's approach to Iran. Lack of capital in investment and sanctions hinder Iran's ability to increase its production.

Meanwhile, domestic oil and gas consumption has increased leading to a shortage of energy during the winter to export mainly natural gas.

In the face of the latest economic crisis, Iran has often shown various achievements in recent months. However, domestic critics remain skeptical of the news and question why the success does not reflect the current state of the economy for ordinary people.