National Security Threatened, America Kicks Chinese Crypto Mining Firm Out!


"Well, in many places why do you want to set up a company near an army base as well."

Calling it a national security threat, the United States (US) has ordered a Chinese cryptocurrency mining firm to vacate and sell property it bought near a Wyoming Air Force base that houses intercontinental ballistic missiles.

According to the White House, MineOne Partners Ltd may take threatening actions to undermine US national security, therefore the Chinese crypto mining firm must dispose of the property it purchased in 2022 near FE Warren Air Force Base.

Lawmakers in dozens of states have introduced bills that would prohibit Chinese businesses and its citizens from buying land near military bases.

MineOne has never submitted a transaction to a review before completing it, commented the Treasury, which chairs CFIUS, adding that the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, Commerce, State and Defense are also among the members.

Foreign-owned crypto-mining facilities near missile bases, key elements of the US nuclear triad, the presence of specialized equipment and foreign resources can facilitate surveillance or espionage activities.

Recently, CFIUS was granted expanded powers to review real estate deals made near certain US military installations.

Immediately after the incident, members of Congress immediately urged the committee to consider certain real estate deals involving agricultural land.