Record Breaking Investment, Pantera Capital Supports This Crypto!


"Fulamak is not ordinary, will the price of TON go up?"

In order to take advantage of the growing potential of the blockchain ecosystem, Pantera Capital announced a major investment into a blockchain network developed by Telegram called Open Network (TON).

In addition to serving as a major validation of the blockchain platform initiated by Telegram, Pantera's involvement in TON also aims to demonstrate its commitment to fostering the ecosystem surrounding TON.

Please be informed that the partnership between Durov and Pantera has the potential to accelerate the use of TON blockchain technology and further increase its utility and reach in the digital space that is gaining attention.

Earlier, Pantera Capital raised $1 billion for its latest crypto fund called Pantera Fund V which aims to provide investors with access to a wide variety of blockchain assets including allowing exposure across multiple asset classes.

The initiative represents Pantera's largest capital increase following a challenging period due to the crypto crash season of 2022 that saw many digital asset firms go bankrupt.

Following the entire crypto market seeing renewed interest from the involvement of financial players such as BlackRock launching a spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETF, many are finally optimistic about the digital asset sector.

Pantera's latest move to support TON with a large investment is expected to stimulate further growth and recovery in the crypto market including attracting more investors and strengthening confidence in the power and potential of blockchain technology.