Attention! These 4 Potentially Bullish Cat Memecoins!


"Do you like cats or dogs? Or do you buy two?"

It's true that the dog-themed memecoin already dominates the cryptocurrency market, but the cat refused to be left behind in the race as its market cap reached $2.6 billion and then $257 million in trading volume.

So what are you waiting for, let's find out 5 cat-themed memecoins that have the potential to rise high in the future or in the near future.

Catwife (WIF)

WIF became quite popular among investors due to its continuous price increase immediately after its launch, but its best performance occurred at the end of May 2024 which continues until today.

The cat-themed memecoin which just created an all-time high (ATH) at $0.000002291 has now dipped back slightly at $0.000001928.

Kitty AI (KITTY)

Just like WIF, KITTY is also moving from ATH at $0.004906 but it should be noted that the memecoin is seeing an encouraging increase towards the end of May 2024 and this means its price can continue climbing higher.

There is no denying that KITTY which is trading at $0.00255 has lost 23% in the last 24 hours, however the memecoin is still in profit following its price 1,025% higher than last month.

Samurai Cat (Yuki)

YUKI is a cat-themed memecoin that is a good buy for short-term gains as its price volatility has made a huge difference, where it is currently trading at $0.0004494 which is a 21% drop from yesterday.

However, YUKI's weekly and monthly data charts are still profitable after reaching 80% and 108%, so here it can be seen that the long-term growth potential is very high.

Gmeow Cat (GMEOW)

After a 433% rise up to $0.004328, GMEOW which is now down 11% at $0.002066 is the best opportunity for investors to buy it as the price will jump as the sell zone diminishes.