BTC Offers 'Economic Immortality', The Price Will Reach $10 Million! – Michael Saylor


"Michael Saylor is very optimistic about BTC, very relaxed all the time."

Michael Saylor, the founder of MicroStrategy while in an 84-minute podcast interview has spoken about the benefits of Bitcoin (BTC) which will reach $10 million then the entire country of China will be behind the cryptocurrency.

Perfect money is economic immortality while imperfect money is when society has a short and cruel life, commented Saylor adding that BTC is the future of money.

Explained Saylor further, economics was a pseudoscience before Satoshi followed it was a semi-religious liberal art filled with various opinions, prejudices and biases plus economists mostly work on economic laws with credit instruments.

So here it can be seen that Saylor's view means that firms that invest in BTC are positioned to last longer than those that are still stuck in old corporate weaknesses.

The average lifespan of a firm is more than 10 years if talking about eliminating corporate death or talking about stretching the economic force easily.

On the other hand, MicroStrategy was recently reported to have bought an additional 11,921 BTC worth $786 million, bringing the firm's total BTC holdings to 226,331 BTC.

BTC is currently failing to recover as its price continues to drop to $62,965 due to several factors including indicators tracked by analytics firm Santiment that show public sentiment towards BTC is currently in extreme negative readings for the fourth week.