HashKey Takes Steps, Airdrops & New Token Listings To Be Announced!


"Wow, there must be a lot of people flocking to buy this new original token, right?"

HashKey Group, a leading end-to-end* digital asset financial services group in Asia revealed the implementation of a public community airdrop as well as the listing of its new native token called HSK which will be announced in the third quarter of 2024.

*The process that takes a method or service from start to finish, delivering a complete functional solution.

According to the announcement further, the HSK token which will start airdrop at the end of June 2024 is aimed at increasing the involvement of users and its growing community.

HSK is an ERC-20 token that has a mass supply of one billion units, where 65% of the tokens will be allocated directly to the growth of the network, 30% to the team and about 5% as a reserve fund.

It should also be noted that HashKey implements a burning mechanism, where the team will buy 20% of the profit in HSK made from different HshKey group businesses and then burn it which leads to a lower supply.

In addition, HashKey will adhere to the HSK principle, so here it can be seen that the token will acquire applications and use cases in the entire HasKey ecosystem and allow a comprehensive Web3 economic network.

Please note that the HSK token will have many use cases including community rewards, token pre-sales, transaction fee discounts, cross-platform ecosystem collaboration and exchange-related activities.

Other businesses in the HashKey Group include HashKey Capital, HashKey Exchange, HashKey NFT, HashKey Cloud and HashKey Tokenization.

Recent positive developments are expected to boost HashKey Global's growth even further plus it managed to report a huge increase in trading volume exceeding $348 million.