Really sad! Cardano Founder Wants To Cooperate, But Elon Musk Doesn't Want To?


"Why do you think Musk doesn't like Hoskinson? Has anyone said anything bad about him?"

Although still disappointed by the lack of cooperation from Elon Musk, Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson revealed that social media platform X is able to benefit from ADA through the integration of the Midnight Protocol for much-needed privacy.

Besides Argentine President Javier Gerardo Milei who shared a public moment with Musk has acknowledged Hoskinson's presence by rebroadcasting the ADA broadcast on X, the two influential individuals have shared a mutual friend in Lex Fridman.

However, Musk has never once mentioned the ADA even though Hoskinson has contacted him several times, so Hoskinson speculates that Musk has been influenced in his social circle who may have a negative view of him.

Maybe Musk sees Hoskinson as difficult to work with or he just wants to do his own thing and this makes the ADA founder very sad as he has millions of followers and it will be a problem if the platform collapses.

There's no denying Hoskinson didn't make it with Musk, but he not only expressed his desire to see X thrive but offered to contribute to the process in any way he could.

Hoskinson also admires Musk who managed to run X with only one-tenth the strength of Twitter's staff and it should be noted that he fired many former employees as part of his move to cut costs after taking over the business.

Overall, Hoskinson expressed his openness to working with Musk to see more uses of crypto on X.