South Korea Responds to Pyongyang's 'Balloon War', Uses K-Pop Songs as Propaganda!


South Korea's government said in a statement it would resume broadcasting propaganda on North Korea for the first time in six years in response to a recent campaign of sending balloons filled with garbage across the border.

More than 300 balloons were spotted over Pyongyang on Saturday and Sunday with 80 of them carrying scrap paper and plastic sheets.

The North Korean government has not issued any official statement about the garbage balloons but they consider the loudspeaker propaganda on the border to be a threat of war for both countries.

In response, North Korea sent about 200 balloons filled with garbage in response to propaganda leaflets sent from the south.

South Korean military officials said there were no more hot air balloons after that and no hazardous materials were found. They warned people not to touch the balloons and to be careful of falling objects.

Civilians should report any sightings to the nearest police and military unit.

Following the balloon launch, South Korea's National Security Council said loudspeaker broadcasts at the border would resume on Sunday for the first time since 2018.

The South Korean military claims the loudspeaker broadcasts can be heard 10 KM (6.2 miles) across the border during the day and 24 KM (15 miles) at night.

A group of southern activists said they had flown balloons into North Korea with leaflets criticizing leader Kim Jong Un, dollar bills and USBs of K-Pop music videos previously banned by Pyongyang.