Stolen By Robbers Armed With Machetes, Investors Lose $3.77 Million In This Crypto!


"Thieves are now looking at crypto, you who hold any digital assets have to be careful."

A London-based cryptocurrency investor nicknamed Ram lost almost all of his investments in cryptocurrencies when three machete-wielding robbers who physically invaded his home forced him to transfer all digital assets to a specific account.

The robber who broke into his home realized he had crypto after they forced him to open the Ledger wallet and then transferred over $3.7 million in Ethereum (ETH) to the address, Ram commented, adding that he was lucky not to be stabbed.

Through observations from Etherscan data, the transaction transferred 1,098 ETH from one address and 13 ETH from another and it should be known that collectively it is worth $3.77 million if you look at the price of the digital asset at the moment which is around $3,400.

The theft incident has caused the Ram wallet address to now only hold less than $63,000 in digital assets including StakeWise (SWISE), Unibot (UNIBOT), USD Coin (USDC), Staked Aave and FOX.

The string, Ram asked for the help of ZachZBT on-chain officials and crypto exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase and Kraken to recover his funds after learning that the thieves were selling digital assets on Kraken through the Bitrefill payment gateway.

Kraken is currently in the process of investigating the incident, so it looks like Ram may be able to recover some of his stolen digital assets.

While offline crypto theft is rare, online attacks continue to increase following decentralized finance protocol UwU Lend and omnichain tokenization platform Holograph losing $20 million and $14.4 million after attackers exploited vulnerabilities in its smart contracts.