Unexpectedly, Donald Trump Makes Profits in Various Memecoins!


"Trump must like it, if he can just coin for free then he will continue to make a profit."

Unlike traditional investing or trading, former President of the United States (US) Donald Trump was revealed to be holding an eight-figure sum in various memecoins through daily airdrops from different memecoin project developers.

The event further underscored the unique confluence of politics and cryptocurrencies that highlighted the rise of "PolitiFi", where it is a combination of political figures and decentralized finance (DeFi).

So here it can be seen that the developer of several memecoins that sent tokens to the public Ethereum (ETH) address of Trump has managed to significantly increase his digital portfolio to exceed $10 million.

The journey started when the address 0x5Fc spent only $25 to buy 376,000 TRUMP tokens 10 months ago then most of the memecoins were transferred to 0xc31 whose holdings are now worth more than $5 million.

In addition to TRUMP, the BIDEN memecoin also saw unusual activity when a trader who bought a large amount of BIDEN worth $17,500 has gained half of his holdings after already growing above $550,000.

Please note that address 0x321 not only holds $14.8 million in TRUMP but also has a large position in memecoins linked to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. called BOBBY after receiving an airdrop of 526 million BOBBY worth $180,000.

Although it is still uncertain whether the trend of political figures and themes will continue to grow or not, the combination of politics and memecoins is currently the talk of the crypto market.