He's here! Hamster Kombat Reveals Major Upgrade In 2024!


"Another pergh like Hamster Kombat handle, will it beat Notcoin?"

Hamster Kombat, a tap-to-earn game that gained popularity on Telegram as well as the cryptocurrency market successfully caused the play-to-earn (P2E) game that is about to be launched on the blockchain The Open Network (NOT) revealed its plans for July 2024 and beyond.

Revealed by Hamster Kombat's official website, one of the most critical project revisions which is the Token Generation Event (TGE) as well as the in-game token utility will take place this month and this shows that the Hamster Kombat token airdrop is expected to happen on the blockchain soon.

The 'airdrop' option while playing on Telegram shows that users not only have to complete certain tasks if they want to participate in the airdrop but also connect their TON wallet to Hamster Kombat.

In-game utilities related to token applications in the GameFi ecosystem will also be revealed this month which will increase the project's appeal to users and help it gain significant traction in the industry.

At the same time, market participants are also excited due to the third quarter 2024 upgrade which will consist of live events, limited time events, new characters and skins and then additional development in the fourth quarter.

Please be informed that Telegram-based P2E games such as Notcoin (NOT) and Hamster Kombat are games on Telegram that involve tapping to receive coins as a reward.

In addition to offering a unique gameplay experience, the game also allows users to collect coins, where they can mine on the platform to generate passive income through their own cards and earn additional coins by completing various tasks.