Market Cap Exceeds $100 Million, Memecoin Solana BILLY 'Lights Up'!


"Nowadays there are so many dog ​​memes, it must be confusing not knowing which one to buy?"

Born on in early June 2024, the Solana (SOL)-based memecoin called Billy (BILLY) managed to surpass $100 million in market capitalization after the community took over the project shortly after the developers sold all their tokens.

Through observation, the developers sold all BILLY within 20 minutes after the launch then they drew the attention of the community to buy other coins namely Billy2, Billy3 and Fuck Billy but the results of their efforts seem to have failed.

Even though BILLY's price increase is still unclear, his social media account X often posts memes, causing content creator Jonzzy to see one of Billy's memes gaining a significant audience on the social media platform.

There is no denying that Billy's DEX Screener page was altered by the attacker to include another dog memecoin, but a quick-reacting community reclaimed the page.

The incident was part of a DEX Screener exploit that was found to allow malicious actors to take over the project's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) community on DEX Screener.

Be aware that allowing the community to update the DEX Screener page follows on from situations like BILLY, where the original developer left the project and the community needed access to change the DEX Screener listing.

Even so, the DEX team has yet to find a way to stop it from being misused by malicious parties.

As of this writing, BILLY price trading at $0.09 has recorded a plunge of 6.61% in the last 24 hours with a market capitalization of over $90 million but still surged 190.60% over the last week.