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March 8, 2021

We Congratulate You on International Women's Day!

 International Women's Day is a real holiday of spring and warmth! On this special day Kakiforex team's wishes all lovely women to be even more charming, beautiful, inspiring and unpredictable.

We sincerely congratulate you on International Women's Day! This day is the celebration of spring, sincerity, and beauty! May this day warm you up with the happiest feelings and wishes from your friends and family!

We wish you happiness, love, inspiration, and prosperity! Let your life be like the magical lake that fills you with infinite power, energy, and beauty! We are sure that many glorious victories and happy moments in your work and in your family life await you in the future.

May your wishes come true more often! Last but not least, let your family be always close to you so that you can take care of each other!

Happy International Women's Day!


February 14, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day!

 To avoid a critical failure, every once in while you just have to give yourself a break and do something that's radically different from what you've been doing before.

Since St. Valentine's Day (traditionally celebrated on February 14th in many countries around the world) is almost upon us, the first thing that comes to mind is love.

That's right, this is exactly the advice we give our clients – love, seek and find, be inspired and enjoy the feeling. We hope you agree that it's hard to come up with another, more colorful thing in our lives that would give it so much momentum and power. St. Valentine's Day is no doubt one of the most beautiful, romantic and very moving holidays. It can motivate us to show our close ones more love and care, the feelings we often neglect amidst our daily bustle. We say you begin this special day with simple words and actions, like:

Tell your loved one – or just a close one – how strongly you love them.

Tell them how much you need them, too – that's a must.

Hug them for all it's worth and hold them for at least a minute.

Give them a present that's worth more to the soul than to the pocket.

And hug them again.

Believe us, this would transform you and others. You can take it to the bank!

January 1, 2021

Kakiforex team would like to wish you a happy New Year!

 Dear friends!

Kakiforex team would like to wish you a happy New Year!

Despite the challenges we have all faced this year, it is still worth recalling the brightest moments of our lives. The most important thing for us is your loyalty and trust. Thank you for choosing us. We highly appreciate your cooperation and see it as the most valuable experience. So, we bid farewell to 2020 on this cheerful and friendly note. This was a difficult year for all of us. Let's leave behind all the hardship and losses. You won't be able to accomplish new goals if you constantly agonize over things that prevented you from moving forward. Now is the time for a wonderful holiday, a true miracle, and a chance to turn the page and start living, creating, and loving again. Isn't this amazing? We invite you to focus on the brightest moments of the outgoing year that made you stronger, happier, and more successful. Bring these moments with you into the new year. Positive thinking, unfailing optimism, hope for a better future, a loving family or a close company of friends is all you need to enter a new stage of your life. Say goodbye to this challenging year with no regrets or sadness. Let's raise a glass of champagne and leave all the troubles and unfulfilled dreams in 2020.

We wish you a happy New Year, dear friends! We believe that this will be a successful, open, fruitful, and happy year full of much-anticipated traveling! For our part, we will try to make it exactly like that.

Stay with us in New Year 2021!