3 Inspiring Books About Trading to Read

Reading books about trading and investing is not only entertaining but also extremely rewarding. A good book can change the way you approach the market. Moreover, understanding the techniques used by true professionals could help you enhance your trading strategies. If you always wanted to learn from an experienced trader, reading books written by investors couldn’t be more helpful. Their whole career revolves around studying the market and all you have to do is read what they have to share. 

The following books are three recommendations for any type of trader. Whether you like Stocks or Forex, short-term trading or investing, don’t miss the chance to get inspired and learn from the professionals of the field.

1. “One up on Wall Street: How to Use What You Already Know to Make Money in the Market” – Peter Lynch

Peter Lynch is an American investor who started investing really young. His father died when he was only 10 years old and Peter had to start working early to help his mother support the family. During his second year of college, he purchased Flying Tiger Airlines shares at $8 per share. The stock later grew to $80 per share which helped him pay for his education.

With that said, Peter Lynch received a thorough education in history, psychology and business. He worked as the head of the Fidelity Magellan Fund and in 13 years turned the company’s $18 million in assets to more than $14 billion. His principle is “invest in what you know” and the book goes deep into how the average investor can apply their knowledge and, possibly, beat the professionals of the field. It explains how to find investment opportunities and how to turn around one’s trading portfolio.

2. “Learn to Earn” – Peter Lynch

“Learn to Earn” is the author’s third book, and this one is targeted at complete beginners that wish to learn about investing and business. Lynch explains how to train yourself not to just know about the market, but actually think like an investor. He gives practical examples of how your daily habits and interests could actually benefit you once you change the way you think about them.

This book is an easy read and could be a good basis for those who don’t know where to start in learning about the market.

3. “How to Trade in Stocks” – Jesse Livermore

The unusual life of the pioneer of day trading ended tragically – with a suicide. However, to this day, he is regarded as the greatest trader who ever lived. At the age of 16, he started trading full-time and devoted his life to it. He is known for his massive short positions, incredibly large gains, and even bigger losses. Jesse Livermore was the first trader to apply technical analysis and use support and resistance levels, as well as trading channels.

His experience and techniques are described in his book “How to Trade in Stocks” which was published in 1940, 9 months before Jesse Livermore, after living lavishly and going into deep debt, committed suicide. In the book, he describes his methods and shares his trading wisdom with anyone who is willing to attempt to conquer the stock market.

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