Forex Trade Is Like A Reliable Sniper!

This article is an article that emphasizes our accuracy in each of our entries. Not just blindly making a sell or buy decision. This article will also make you think that you are a real gambler or trader.

Army snipers play a very important role in warfare, especially when dealing with enemies. Snipers, they have very high patience, are adept at using the weapons they have and have a very high level of control over their mental and physical even in thrilling situations. As a Sniper, we must take the same concept than them in Forex trading ...

Forex trading and the battlefield are the same. We need the right weapon, the proper way to use it. Apart from that, we are also subject to a balance of self-discipline and self-control and the last is to enter quietly, confidently, and weakly.

Traders who choose their trades wisely are like a Forex "sniper" and they are usually the ones who stay in this industry for a long time. When a trader who just shoots without a target, that is, who only wants an unreasonable profit in 1 trade are those who will run out of bullets first, and will easily tire and fail to reach the eye in this market.

So, this article is written to take the Sniper method and apply that method to each of our trading plans.

Use information that is really convincing

One of the things we can learn from a Sniper is that they act when what they see is validated by a few things like a report from a Scout troop. And they won't act as long as they don't look the target right.

Same in Forex trading, after we make a mapping on a graph, we will look from a technical, fundamental point of view, the same is there are all of them providing related information or called confluence in English.

If there is no confluence, then we will try to avoid trade, and we will be more choosing to implement our trading plan.

Higher timeframe

As a soldier, especially a Sniper, they will first study and review their battleground. They will give more support to the location of the shelter, the location of the enemy, where to hide, and what can help them during the war.

When as a trader, Timeframe is our battleground. We will start designing our trade by identifying Support & Resistance, Trend, Chart Pattern, and so on. Just where we start determines the accuracy in identifying these important elements.

So where do we start? It should be from the big Timeframe first like Weekly and Daily Timeframe because there are major elements in it, and we know SnR in Weekly Timeframe is stronger than in H4 Timeframe. Then just switch to a smaller Timeframe to see SnR minors and so on.

Patient and patient

If a successful enemy is impressed, a Sniper will not rush to shoot. They will be patient to look for the best opportunity to make sure each of their bullets is not wasted.

If we look setup, make sure that the setup is correct in our trading SOP. If you want to carry out the trading plan, use Pending / Limit Orders. Avoid using an Instant Order as it will only make you less patient to enter the trade.

Patience and heart will play an important role in Forex trading. Ask those who are successful, surely their answer is that patience is one of the keys in this challenging field.

Good command of the technique

To become a Sniper requires years of practice to get the best shooting skills. It's not that they only train one day and one night and are allowed to win the battle with insufficient training.

Likewise, as a Forex trader, make sure that Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, and Money Management are mastered first using a Demo account so that the profits generated are profitable. Then switch to the Real account.

Build your trading skills, make sure the technique used is really allowed to invest then enter the trading field correctly.

The mindset is right

Being a Sniper, their mindset is they are disciplined, confident, and patient. This mindset determines whether or not they are able to ensure their bullets are right at the enemy.

The mindset of a trader is also very important. The mindset of successful traders is those who believe that Forex trading is a journey, not a destination.

The gain that is acknowledged is that it is consistent not just the jackpot gain! Read this post to correct your mindset as a true trader.

So, ask yourself, what is your current mindset, do you want to be a gambler or a trader?


Overall, being a Sniper is the dream of all traders. The forward sharp entry, if possible, aiming is like using a very powerful Sniper Rifle.

Sharpen your mindset, your trading skills are very, very desperate. Prove to yourself and your family that you are capable and will strive earnestly to achieve what you want.

Learn Technical Analysis, learn Fundamental Analysis. Do not forget to also Money Management to succeed in this industry.