Even With Stop Loss, You Can Still Be A Consistent Trader. Read These Forex Tips

This trade is not necessarily perfect. Do you know that the "loss" position you enter, is part of the trading process? Trade is not necessarily perfect. I am usually consistent every month there is usually a loss. Sometimes it also has to SL. Yes, it is not perfect.

Someone complained to me, he used to trade consistently before. Every month he can maintain 7% to 15% every month. All entries are perfect, all are subject to Take Profit.

After maintaining a few consistent months, he complained he had a Stop Loss earlier this month. So he has to Stop Loss in 2-3 entries. Keep him down.

Until the end of this month, he still has not entered anything, because he is down and afraid of losing. Because before this he traded was just perfect.

For those who are unfamiliar and experienced in trading for a few years, it will feel perfect. If possible, I want everything blue. But actually wrong.

Trade is profitable there is a loss. That is the process. The most important thing is not to Margin Call or continue to Stop Out account. The risk to be managed. Need to review if you have lost up to 50% of the capital. Sit back, relax, revise what is wrong, what is wrong.

Many people will be emotionally disturbed after he gets SL several times. Some started revenge. Some start not following the trading plan, and start opening lots that do not follow the suitability of capital. All this is emotional.

Remember, no trade is perfect. There is a TP. There is an SL. What we want, at the end of the month, we can feel the benefits and sweetness in the forex.

So remember, STOP LOSS is normal. Take Profit is normal.

Unusual is Margin Call or Stop Out!

Do not panic. Keep calm, and continue trading according to the discipline of knowledge. I wish you success.