Can This Forex Trade Get Rich? This Is A Story You Need To Read And Spread!

This is one of my favorite questions that I am often asked by many traders. Those who ask actually do not want an answer, but more to sarcasm. Usually, these people have failed many times, after the Stop Out or MC account.

I also think the person who asked, if he understood what the definition of "rich" is according to what he expected. Though the definition of rich, confirm did not reach my definition of "rich" at another level.

After that, what I want to tell you is that forex trading is actually a tool to grow money. Everyone knows, the bigger the capital, the easier it is for you to become rich.

So why are so many people saying, "this forex trade can't even be rich!" Why? Try to guess!

There are some people who think this way. We reject those who are scammed, think they are not traders because they are always exposed to forex Ponzi schemes.

The traders who ask, are usually the ones with small capital.

This group of small capital, the most frustrated in forex. Those who place small capital and aspire to trade and get unreasonable returns are those who have very little knowledge in this field.

In forex trading, a 5% -10% return per month is not impossible. This has been proven. You can do it, right?

But how many of these small capitalists, try to get a 1000% return per month? Many !! They trade capital 5 USD, aspiring to get 1000 USD. Deposit 50 USD, want to get 5000 USD. It is indeed a great potential loss for all. High-risk!

These are usually just no targets in trading, but more fun like stabbing. Haven't talked about science yet.

Economic articles like this KAKIFOREX Website, confirm people do not read. Do not say you want to do an analysis, read the market sentiment from KAKIFOREX and confirm it to people who do not want it. While this KAKIFOREX website has provided various things for people to be smart!

After that…..

When they fail, they will feel that not everyone can do it. This is the funniest part.

This syndrome is called, "loser level expectation" syndrome which is - "equate other people's level with their level or level"

"Arghhh, I failed..confirm no one else can do it .."

Know how many international traders/fund managers deposit 10 Million, and make only 3% to 5% every month. That is 500K USD if 5% of 10 Million.

From 1 Million already 50K USD. A month!

100 K USD can afford 5,000 USD a month equivalent to RM20,000 is about a month n.

Rich, not rich, or what?

If we do not have 100K capital to deposit, do not assume that other people do not have that much capital.

If all the small capital traders who have the syndrome had considered all forex traders in the world to deposit at the same level as people alone, it would be very unfair.

Why? Because the study from my broker partner shows that the average deposit from Japan is at the rate of 5000 US Dollars compared to Malaysia which is only at the rate of 100 US Dollars. That doesn't matter from the UK and so on.

The same tools, namely forex trading. The trading platform is the same. Instrument trading is the same. What is the difference? Right?

Your failure does not mean the failure of others.

Remember the words of Chris Gardner played by Will Smith who advised his son in the movie Pursuit of Happyness?

“People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. Period !!! ” - Pursuit of Happyness

So to you, who are trying to become a professional trader, please click SHARE to tell your friends who have failed or those who are always skeptical when talking about forex trading.

Tell them that, "If you are LOSER, it does not mean that everyone is LOSER!" SHARE and SPREAD!

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