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Capital. Many always fail in trading giving reasons about capital. Supposedly not enough capital caused him to fail to control the trading margin and caused his trading account to always Stop Out.

The reason given is usually if the capital is large, then it is easy to trade. Take only a few percent a day. If floating does not shake, because the free margin is still high. While relaxing by the beach can also trade with a calm heart.

Finally, after some time off work, trying to accumulate large capital, up to several kilos of USD, they continue to deposit, and excited to start a "new life" with big account trading.

One day, the account lasted. Profit is only about 1% -2%. The amount of capital seen is large. So start the inpatient episode. Enter the position is quite a large lot value, after that floating. The account is left floating because it feels okay floating because the free margin is still a lot. The big account says.

Day after day, floating is still not clear. As a result of impatience, they layer and continue to float. (Layer is to enter trading by martingale, which is the same position to enter open order repeatedly, hoping the market turns back and favors them)

The longer the market is still not on their side. As a result of the "martingale" technique, the free margin is getting smaller and smaller.

Have you ever heard, there are traders who often give reasons for not big capital and so on, supposedly because that is why their trading loses. Always SO. But in the end, even when there is a large amount of capital, the account is only within a week. So what other reason do you want to give?

To make matters worse, they are many who influence others to contribute capital. Supposedly he will be a successful trader if there is large capital. Exhausted family property mortgaged, friend money borrowed, or pool of public money consisting of family and colleagues.

Last but not least, stop out. Still failed in trading. Why? What else is missing?

At that time they just realized, apparently, the most important thing is knowledge.

Knowledge and capital must go hand in hand.

So stop giving reasons you do not succeed in trading because of small capital. While even small capital you can not control the emotions that at the same time cause you to violate your Money Management. There is a heart to trade big capital. Same later.

Small capital is acknowledged, it is difficult to develop, but at least if you can be consistent with a small capital, it means the knowledge in the chest is well established! So if you have a medium to large capital there is a way for you to grow capital.

The things written here are from the many real story complaints that receives from readers ’emails.

My message to those who have been trading for a long time, if you are still "gambling luck" and "reason", maybe this field is not suitable for you if you still do not want to change.

On the new one, my order should not be affected by giving your money for a "pool account" and so on. More problems later. Many scammer are just waiting to "gamble" with your money.

If you want to trade forex, please learn exactly. Understand the real journey of becoming a forex trader. Take time to study. I have been through a lot and learned a lot from the mistakes of many people. We studied for years to succeed at the present time. Knowledge and practice are the most important things to succeed in this field.

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