Trade Forex To Live With A Small Account. 5 Tips You Need To Read

Forex trading for life is quite different in terms of techniques and emotions from trading to get additional income or for long term investment. I do a lot of account breakdown, as I have said before. That is, the profit is divided into portions for use (withdraw) and the other is divided into high-risk accounts.

The result of a high-risk account is not very good, even if you can, it is like a big reward and BONUS and it is still relevant to the risk-reward ratio.

But when I see a high-risk account that just blows away, I feel it is a bit of a loss if I do not try new ways to maximize the profit and potential of the account.

From there I learned a few things and found that with a small account it can also provide a trading account for life, and it is very suitable for forex traders who are still looking for a way to "trade for a living" using a small account.

# 1: Trading Techniques

For small accounts, look for a more appropriate technique that is scalping technique. Scalping techniques require you to spend more time on the chart. It does not matter, because you do have time. Time is used to convert into pip.

The theory is to stop every time you are in profit. Luckily only close. Luckily only close. The idea to "let the profit run" will only disturb your emotions. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh! There are so many types it's hard to say.

When we trade for a living, emotions do play a big role. So do not check your head with emotions that you find difficult to control. For scalping, I like to take 5-10 pips. Sometimes take 3 pips. The promise of luck.

Scalping is indeed the best on effective support and resistance lines. I also have a few tips on how to trade based on effective support and resistance using the Magic Line Indicator that you can get here.

# 2: Lot Size

Many are at loggerheads. Pip is more important or USD is more important. Make the most important profit actually. To trade using a small account, the lot setting does not allow you to trade for a living.

The value of the lot should increase in proportion to the value of the balance. And need to decrease in proportion to the decrease in balance. Find a suitable lot value, which does not cause you to over trade and thus blow up your small account.

Many people say you need to trade small, let it be a little profitable. But if you grow your account from USD500 to USD1000, and you trade for a living, a small profit does not allow you to pay for all the necessities such as electricity bills, internet, kitchen items for living, and other necessities of life.

Duplicate little by little, but do not overtrade!

# 3: Looking at Forex Charts

To trade scalping, many people remember waking up only. Start open position, make 1-2 pips, or 5-10 pips while clicking the mouse while drinking coffee. No! You need more time facing the chart to observe the opportunities available to enter the order. There is a new opportunity to enter.

There is a small ranging place on the new resistance or support line. There is a fundamental uncertainty of new news coming in. There is trending news, high impact does not come in either. That's not scalping, it's layered layers that can cause you to overtrade. Scalping is to take a little at the right time, not a lot of layers at the wrong time.

Face the chart every day and notice where you can make 3-10 pips, once or twice for one pair. There are 3-5 pairs that are enough for you to get a beautiful scalping pip.

# 4: Proper Account Leverage

The broker chapter also does not forget that you need to find a suitable broker that is an account that has a low spread and your broker allows heavy scalping trading with high leverage. This gives a reward for you to get good trading volume and quality pip without a big fight with the broker when you want to withdraw later.

To grow a small to large account requires you to have a proper and accurate forex account.

When it comes to high-risk accounts that may only be USD100 or USD200 to expand and it will be worrying if you do not have control over the flexibility of the account.

The right leverage for a high-risk account is the answer. With high leverage, you can open large lots, even if your capital is small.

Remember, this high-risk account is an account that comes with deposits from low-risk account profits.

So far, in my opinion, InstaForex is the best broker offering standard accounts with leverage as high as 1: 1000 - this the best account for you to make it a high-risk account?

Never tried, it is recommended to open your account here. You will get free $ 100 dollars to try to trade here. Profit can be withdrawn without the need for a depot.

# 5: Science and Situation

Whatever is done should be appropriate to all situations. Some things that do not work for us may be due to a lack of effort or lack of knowledge and are obscured by uncontrollable emotions.

In terms of my research, all things are possible if we have the right knowledge. You do not have to be a trader to always be able to grow small accounts into big ones.

You just have to have the right set of discipline and knowledge to "steal" the pip, and repeat the process over and over again. The account will automatically become large on its own.