How To Know If You Have The Mindset Of A Trader Or Investor? Read Here!

Many people must want to know, right? are you suitable as a trader or investor? If you want, please read to the end.

Through this simple situation, you will know, you are a trader or an investor.

Let's say you are really interested in buying a new iPhone that will be released. This iPhone is a limited edition iPhone that everyone will fight to buy, and you are also very interested.

It doesn't matter if you are interested in android or not, in this story you are a hardcore fan of the iPhone. For you, if you can get that iPhone, you will be very happy and feel the best all day!

The iPhone will be launched at a shop in the heart of KL. Imagine the hustle and bustle of people queuing and so on. Many people line up long. It's hot again.

But you are really interested, very interested in getting that iPhone.

You are given two options to get that iPhone.

First choice :

1. You have to queue all day in front of the store waiting for the launch once with many people queuing. Maybe you need to queue from the morning tonight. The reward is you will be able to continue the iPhone for a while and then it will be your turn to queue. Guess confirm get that iPhone. Can bring back home, gossip, feel happy, and so on on the same day.

Second choice :

2. You can order on Apple's website, but need to wait for the iPhone to ship home, in a month or two. You can see that your friends who are queuing all day are having fun with people's iPhones. You will have to wait for another month or two to get home. But confirm that the iPhone will arrive, there will be no scam to anything. Just have to wait while the "burn line" by friends who are crazy about showing iPhone limited edition everywhere.

Ok, in these two situations do you choose which one?

Haa .. think about it. Below I will give him an answer, whether you are a trader mind or an investor mind.

Think again. Do not scroll down too much.


Got the answer to think which option?


Before this, I also tested some people with this question.


The answer is surprising.


Ok, I decided. Option 1 or 2?



Here is the answer.

If you choose, the first option is to queue in the middle of the hot sun to get the iPhone. You are having a trader's mind. The trader is looking for an immediate reward, meaning he was tired just now to not hold for a while, the promise of the night he got what he wanted, which is the iPhone after the long queue.

If you choose, the second option, you have the minds of investors. That is more long term oriented. You can delay your fun to own the iPhone. It only took a month or two to get it. Promise you to get. You do not mind it is too late and so on.

So you know you are the mind of an investor or trader!

Uh, there is another situation!

Many people chose the second option, the minds of investors. But, when he thinks back, he feels like a trader's mind, he only chooses the second option because he feels lazy queuing, but wants the iPhone at the same time as the trader's mind. People like this are mentally inclined to get involved in getting rich quick schemes.

People like this are the ones who like to invest money in people, share for people trade, and so on, and lastly melt. Continue to blame forex and so on. Though having a get rich quick scheme mind! Haha. That's why on the KAKIFOREX website I always remind you, your own money manages your own risk.

There is no easy way.

First line up, second-order on the website, and wait. No shortcuts.

Ok, based on the story above, are you a trader mind (first choice) or an investor mind (second choice)?

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