Newbie Need To Avoid These 6 Things If You Want To Succeed As A Forex Trader

Usually, listen, many are just involved in this forex trade, sometimes just keep losing. When we ask, usually they will answer, "just trade bro, usually MC"

Sorry, in fact, the MC (loss) is not normal. If it is repeated many times "talk like that", will eat itself, and become a prayer. Don't be a "regular MC". Newbies should be the most careful. Yes, because just started trading. So all capital and trading need to be well taken care of.

You are a newcomer to the field of war, you do not want kamikaze recklessly, right? It's suicide.

First Things First: There is no clear goal

Most who are new to forex, do not know the obvious goal in trading. Why do you trade forex? How much do you want to make in a month? What strategies do you want to use to achieve these benefits? Is there an answer to this question? If not, it means you are in danger.

Usually when we ask, "why trade forex?". Follow the member bro, because the member told him to trade forex. It's just trying to trade, it's like a shock and it's easy to make money.

If the answer is like this, you will follow your friend MC (loss) once.

Item Two: Inappropriate Capital

The goal is not clear, and when it is not clear, the capital is indeed hit. So usually people who have just learned forex will be asked by a friend or IB to go to the depot first. I used to hear, "Just deposit first 50 dollars or 100 dollars, later I will teach you slowly trade."

Not the trade plans he taught. He told me to hit the lot you have. A crying friend lost. Then he will say, "usually new in forex, must have MC."


This forex capital we need to design. Get used to trade demos first, to test your skills. Once the skill is available, just deposit real. And what percentage we want to profit from that capital, you have to know. To be safe, you need to target about 5% to 15% per month. Money management must be taken care of, do not let the high drawdown. So it will be a low risk.

Many deposits USD100 to get started. But not willing to collect USD10-USD15 a month because it feels not worth it. That's fun overtrade. After that, keep on depositing. Try the total deposits, somehow you have reached thousands of USD and it has become a big account.

Article Three: Belief in "Beginner's Luck"

What is the difference between "luck" and "skill" in forex trading? Luck is you managed to make a profit but can not be consistent. In addition, luck can be obtained by overtrading, full margin lot he hit to trade. Profit can be 1000% or 2000%. Won't you admit it is a skill?

Only you can understand what is LUCK is SKILL. Do not lie to yourself. Beginner’s Luck will not make you a consistently successful forex trader.

Fourth Item: Not Enough Knowledge

Many who still do not have enough knowledge continue to deposit to start trading. Like I said before. Today study, tomorrow open a demo account, the day after tomorrow continue to deposit. You will waste your money just like that.

Forex trading must be learned first. Understand technical, understand fundamental, understand money management. Try a demo. Test skill. Long time to learn from theory and experience.

I personally feel the sweetness of forex trading after many years of the learning phase. Slow and steady learning. Make sure in the learning process you do not waste a lot of money. Time will tell.

Article Five: Gapah Haste in Trading

This Forex trading should not be rushed. If you have trouble making decisions in stress, please learn to control your emotions first. Maybe at first, you think you trade beautifully, but when the price starts to change direction and is slightly floating, many are in a hurry to continue the Cut Loss position trading. Then I just realized. "Oops, why the early cut loss?"

Stick to the trading plan. Trade with a trading plan. Trade like a robot. There is a rule. There is a guide. There is a system. Only then will you become a successful forex trader.

Item Six: Keep Starting with a Real Account

Many who are just starting out in forex continue to deposit accounts on the grounds that they want to feel real emotions while trading. While there are only brokers that provide no deposit bonus like this Instaforex Broker offers.

No Deposit Bonus is supposed to be a real trading account, only we do not need to deposit in it. Amount in a broker that share as a bonus for us to use trade. When using trade, profit can be withdrawn.

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Ok, try to think, is there a friend of yours who just wants to trade forex and keep losing? If so, continue to SHARE this article with people. Hopefully useful.