Lazy to Read Economic News? FOMC? NFP? You Lose, This Is The Market Mover!

"Last night FOMC, wow USD plummeting!"

"Tomorrow morning USD news, MC is my account wey!"

"Later Brexit, I want to make a profit for you."

"NFP later I want full margin, let the market know who I am."

“Jerome Powell speaks, boom! 100 pips! ”

And all kinds of other dialogues that you will / have said/heard when big news/events are coming up. These days there will be news, and most of us know to look at the news calendar at,, and other similar websites.

The news in question must be high-impact news/event. There is news, the movement of pips is a bit slow, and there is also news, which does not have a big impact on the market.

Some of us will stay away from the market because the volatility of the market at that time was very high. For example, the GBP / USD movement during the referendum day on 23/24 June.

There are among us, big news/events are long-awaited because we know the profit that can be obtained when the news is very involved if it has to be done technically or fundamentally.

And there are also some of us, who like to set up nets up and down during such times, using the technique of hoping for profit instead of MC.

Anyone who always reads this article on will notice and know to be a long time forex trader in this industry, it takes our time and commitment to really understand what is really needed in this forex trading industry and understand the economic mechanisms very important role.

A says the technical analysis is enough, while B says the fundamental analysis is important.

For us, there are 4 important elements as a compass in forex trading namely:

Technical Analysis
Fundamental Analysis
Psychology / Emotions / Experiences
Money Management / Risk Management
Ever wondered who is moving the market that has a trillion-dollar transaction a day? The United States of America? Big banks? Who?

What drives the market is macroeconomics. Alamak, do you have to study economics? Yes, at least we have to know the most basic thing that is macroeconomics.