"Time Struggle In Business In the past, With Trade Forex How I Survived"

It feels like a long time since I wrote about tips and advice to traders since busy managing KAKIFOREX which is getting bigger now. Anyway, thank you to all who faithfully visit this KAKIFOREX website.

For those who just want to learn forex, it must be understood that forex trading is a high-risk field. High risk but high return. That is why if we want to trade forex in the beginning, we need to know that the amount of money we want to "try" is the amount of money we can afford to lose.

Being able to lose means that if you lose, it will not have the effect of having a life. That means we use money that is "extra". Not child fund money, money to pay for car installments, emergency saving money. No and no.

Do not misunderstand. This loss is also not what we mean at the beginning of the loss target. But in the beginning, when we still lack knowledge, lack experience, we can potentially lose.

When people are interested in forex trading and ask me if it's ok, I explained earlier about this.

I want to be very scared, even though I feel like it's all wrong because I know that the "reward" last time I was really good at forex trading is very worth it.

But the mindset must be right when you first want to learn this trade.

I used to have a hard time struggling early in the business, forex trading is my daily income. This is the story of the last 10 years ago.

At that time business was slow, sales were not there. I also look at the chart every day to trade. I trade capital for only 100 USD, consistent days profit 10-20 USD. With forex trading, I can survive that time. It could be that bachelor's day. Just make money to eat.

Everyone's results are not the same, depending on the seriousness, quick to learn or not, quick to catch or not, then diligent or lazy again, depending on the stress of life again, desperate or whatever.

So all the results, the person is successful or not successful it all depends on the individual as well. Same kind of business. The results are all different.

Anything for me this knowledge is worth it for you to try to learn. I have also provided the most cost-effective way to study. This is what I can do. Sharing from me.

Remember, with knowledge alone you can minimize risk. High risk can be low risk. Low risk and high return? Everything is possible with science.