What Does Success Mean As A Trader?

This is the most popular question we are often asked about. "How to become a successful forex trader?"

We usually ask again, “What does it mean to be a successful trader? What is the definition of success in your eyes? ”

To succeed, we need to know first what the definition of success is in ourselves. To what extent do you think you are successful? Before starting the race, one must know the conditions of the race. Is the first place said to be successful, or is the top ten of the 1000 riders defined as still successful.

Before you want to shoot, you must know the target, right? If you do not know where to go the arrow is targeted.

The same goes for trading.

Do you want to make a profit a million first before it is considered successful? Or do you think that being able to consistently pay the monthly installment of the car is considered successful?

So, in conclusion, we have to have a target.

Another person, another target. There are people who target a certain amount for consistent profit because their commitment is great. Maybe those who are married, the target of getting an extra around USD500 dollars a month, which already feels enough.

There are people, maybe he has a large capital, the target is USD1,000 a month, that's only 5% of his capital is around USD20,000.

So other people, different ways to succeed.

This question is subjective. So you need to know what it means to be successful before you get into this "game".

What are your targets as a trader? If you can answer this question, it means you yourself know whether you can succeed or not.

But there must be a target. Otherwise, your career in this field is nowhere to be found.