Are you a Fundamental or Technical Trader?

Forex traders can be fundamental traders or technical traders, or you can use them both times. Someone asked me, how do you know which method is appropriate and correct? Actually, in forex, the fundamental or technical trading method is no right or wrong. It is measured by trading results, if your results stimulate, so you need to follow the trading method. Regardless of what people say, as long as your trading method is safe and the risk is minimal.

Why did I tell you to be safe? Because the forex market is erratic, there are months you can profit with a lot, there are months and losses. Loss is common, profit is common, but it's not that you keep running out of your trading funds because of Margin Call and Stop Out. There are half the cases, fellow traders who make small deposits, from USD100 to USD2000 in a month. The power was true, the trading method was fun to hit the market that month, but the next month the market changed, the USD2,000 melted away. This shows that he is trading without proper Money Management (MM) control and high risk. Trading the right way is that you can ensure you can take only a few percent of your investment and this shows that your trading portfolio is the best. Wall Street Trading Malaysia

Fundamental traders are traders who trade a lot using fundamental analysis, analysis of market sentiment found from forex news, politics, as well as game-changing for the countries that involve the pairs he is trading. Technical traders are also traders who use technical analysis, price line, for tools in platforms such as trendlines and various other types of tools that are only based on the price during the pair regardless of forex news.

Whichever method you use, the better and best if you understand both ways of trading so that you can combine them to give your trading options free of analysis later.

Remember, always brush financial, economic, and market conditions before trading. Don't trade without the knowledge and without doing any kind of either fundamental or technical studies. Crowds who can't stand to enter an order, just open MT4 and then enter buy or sell, can't wait, let go of entering and can wait a long time in front of the screen to tap a floating position. We should spend a lot of time on analysis compared to waiting for orders to enter right? The crowd is upside down, and this is all the trading psychology and emotions we should avoid.