How To Pay installment Train With Forex Trading Income

Throughout being a forex trader, after the ups and downs in the forex trading world, and also hearing stories of triumphs and failures in the world of forex trading, I have found that forex traders often forget one thing in life as a forex trader.

Target. Target. Realistic goals.

In everything we do, we need to have an eye, and that eye should not be left hanging, empty. Without a clear direction. What is our target in forex trading? some people want to be rich. To what extent is the wealthy meant?

I asked a friend who had made a deposit of capital for forex trading very often but was still losing, not making a profit, and his life was getting messy and messy with forex trading, even though his intentions were good.

What are you doing in forex trading?
Bro: Rich kid, what do you ask me about these intricacies.

What kind of rich kid?
Oh, I'm not a rich kid, but I want to forex this can give me a side income which is a bit not bad.

 How much are you profitable in forex trading?
You also know, I don't need to deposit to a broker, I'm so excited about losing just trading. I've learned various techniques, but I'm still losing money.

 How much did you deposit?
I don't know, many are close to 20K maybe.

How much do you return in the forex every time you trade?
I want to get back how much I deposited before. Because I just learned one more new technique.

Ok, tell me first, bro, you have deposited almost USD 20,000. So, bro, I'm lucky that I got the back cover, right?
Tu la, tomorrow I'm about to deposit a new one, I'm desperate I can cover it up with my trading tomorrow.

How much is the deposit bro?
I'm going to deposit USD100 and compound it for USD 20,000.

Impossible! I think how many times bro have talked about the same thing.

The conversation is summarized, I explain back one by one why it is impossible why the tragedy of the loss will repeat itself. Why is it that bro will still continue to deposit so if anything.

From this conversation, we can see several things.

1. There is no clear eye.
2. The extent to which the bro thinks forex will help him who is still working with as side income.
3. There is no return on investment, only trading hope and revenge.
4. He feels he is trading forex, conversely as "gambling".
5. Inconsistently reviewing appropriate techniques. Change, pervert this technique, pervert that technique.

This time I don't want to review the other chapters, I just want to review the target chapter. Target in forex trading is the same as trading. The need for capital and profits on the capital and the suitability of the profits above raise the standard of living of a person.

An example of a target for a working trader may be starting with the method of reducing the burden of paying for the train, money for shopping for kitchen items, paying insurance, renting a house.

We take the easiest example. Pay the train installment. Say the train installment is around RM600 to RM700.

With a capital of USD1,000. With the trading plan, the maximum profit and loss per day are set at 2%. And with 20 trading days a month.

Maximum profit: 20 days x 2% (USD20) = USD400 = * RM1200

Say within 20 trading days, reject profit and loss, the normal situation can only do 1% every day. Maybe because the trading factor is only at night, after a tiring day of work.
20 days x 1% of USD1000 (USD10) = USD 200
USD200 together with RM600.

Can't you deduct the burden to pay the train installment? And maybe because every end of the month, the salary that can be used up, this time there will be a savings of RM600. Isn't this interesting? What prevents ordinary people from obtaining this? Unrealistic target! Deposit USD1,000 but want to return USD20,000 a month. Ca'mon! Be realistic. We are a forex trader, not a gambler! Every trade has its advantages and disadvantages, why with forex emotions often play so that you want unrealistic profits? Pat your chest, ask your taste why people often fail in forex.

Initially set for the train monthly installment fee. If there is more compound to double the capital. It takes time, but it is worth a million. As long as you don't lose. After this, there are more commitments you can pay. Doesn't this increase your standard of living?

"If you failed to plan, you plan to fail." Verses that are often heard but difficult to practice. It is up to you, after reading you want to continue to lose or start earning small earnings and be a full-time trader.