Crowded Waiting for Reviews About the FOMC. Here is the review

From the start of the week, full of PMs and my emails asking for a review of the FOMC this morning. I try to share my best to follow my understanding.

Forex traders must be busy waiting for the FOMC Meeting decision this morning. The thing that is most concerned about is whether the FED raises the Interest Rates or not. US interest rates are lowered almost to the value of the sub-prime economic crisis in 2008 US.

Most focused is on Janet Yellen, who is the Chair of the FED Governor's Organization, what decisions will he make. Either there is an increase in the interest rate, or you can conserve it and increase it later. But before this Janet Yellen has given hints that the Interest Rate will indeed be increased at the "end of the year".

At the end of the year when? Stay in September and December only. If it doesn't go up in the dark MORNING again, maybe it will go up in December.

The impression of the increase in US Interest Rates

What is the effect of rising interest rates for US eyes? There are many traders in Malaysia, just to know, if Interest Rates go up, EURUSD goes up or down? What kind of USDJPY? How about USDCHF? For me, that is a question that should not be asked if you want to become a professional forex trader. Because there are many factors up and down. There is another speculator intervening.

You need to know the basic fundamentals first, what are the impressions of rising interest rates on the US economy, then you can analyze according to your trading style. Your trading style may also be based on technical, sentiment, probability, and so on, which is important in how you get profit from this analysis. Combine and make the right decisions.

If the intention is raised, it is a sign that the US economy is "on track" and will strengthen US eyes. Why? Because the increased interest rate will attract more investors to deposit in US eyes. This means that the demand for the US currency is increasing, and this will strengthen the currency. But it may also pose a danger to the US economy if it is raised at inappropriate times and at inappropriate levels. This one I review later. We pile on the FOMC story first.

Back to the story this Friday MORNING there are two types of FOMC meetings. There was a Press Conference after the FOMC Statement release, there was no Press Conference. There is a press conference this morning. What is the fee? Jom continues reading:

In my experience in trading, if the Interest Rates Rise, many traders will continue to trade on this fact. And if the Interest Rates DO NOT INCREASE, traders usually wait about 30 minutes after that to hear the reality of Janet Yellen at the Press Conference, whether she is convinced of the strength of the US economy or not. People call "dovish" or "hawkish" statements. After hearing that, then the “big-big traders” will act.

If Yellen says and doesn't have any confidence in the strength of the US economy, he means that the crowd is trying to SELL USD. If this sounds sure and there is hope, then join the traders who will start buying USD.

If the intention is raised, Janet Yellen is sure about the US economy. If he holds increases, it means that the Chinese crisis and the world oil price, including the US inflation rate, are still not suitable for this increase. We also wait in December.

What is my advice for this FOMC news event?

My advice is that you actually need to focus on trading opportunities after knowing about the FOMC decision. Trading after the FOMC will make you clearer, know where the US economic strength is headed, and so on. If you trade before the FOMC you mean trying to be a speculator in this big event. But for me, it's still not wrong, if you've had enough analysis and study for this event. Go on!

The most unacceptable thing is if you trade by taking a chance. Whenever there is a big event like NFP or FOMC or big news, there is one joke that I usually hear. Namely, put the top PO and put the bottom PO before the news.

This is the most ridiculous case. Remember! You will not be a professional forex trader if you are still practicing these things by way of trading to try to take a chance. Until if you want to "trade take a chance" like that? You need to understand economics and combine it with technicality if you are still looking to trade news. Trading with the above POs below usually ends in losses if your PO doesn't trigger and the broker you are working with is in trouble.

People said trade in a professional way. With science. Not by taking that kind of opportunity. Except for forex trading, this is not a serious matter for you to find income. Just kid to "trade on fate". Please go ahead. To survive as a full-time trader for years and live with the results of forex trading, how to take a chance to trade will not last long.

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