3 Tips To Get Emotional Peace To Trade Forex

1. Appropriate Capital

Anything with regard to money, people must be angry. Goods go up in price, people are angry. People borrow money without paying, many are angry. Money got stolen, people went berserk. Tricked by the get-rich-quick scheme, are people getting angry, right?  In short, many people cannot guard their emotions when it comes to money. So to guard emotions, we first get to know the causes of emotions, namely guarding money with the Beginning of Trade with Suitable Capital!

Why do we need the appropriate capital? So that you don't make a mess when your order is hit by a Stop Loss. So you can follow the rules set. If you can provide the appropriate capital for forex trading, then you can provide a reasonable trading target, which is logical. 10% or 20% a month, for life upgrades. Pay train bills, pay electric bills, telephone bills, and so on. Not with USD100, please trade it for 10K in a month. If you can do that, it will only be sustenance that God is willing to share. People call magic! Otherwise, you will eternally become a "mat depo" and start saying this Forex is deceiving!

2. Find a suitable and practical technique to use a demo account

Who is the use of the demo account, please raise your hand! I mean to take a real demo account, trade with a journal, record, and follow trading rules. Many brokers provide demo accounts but the crowd can't wait and take advantage of the demo account. It is fitting to use this account to test your trading skills. Try to survive for the demo in 3 months.

I remember again in 2012, I had a trading loss that had swallowed up 50% of my trading capital. I stopped trading real first. I am for a demo, looking for a series of backward as if it were real trading. To search back and forth, I opened a demo account, and almost 5 of my demo accounts used up 50% of the capital too before I met the techniques I applied to the demo account which could maintain 2 months of profit. Only then did I return to real trading and start fresh with improved techniques.

This Forex market sometimes changes its trend, changes its rate. So if it changes, we need to find a technique that can adapt to this. People say, "if you can't change the direction of the wind, adjust your sails to reach your destination."

Crowds of people grumble, demo accounts have no feeling, but if you lose real money in forex, the word forex is also deceptive. Hehe. Don't open a demo account, install it on your cellphone and feel like you want to buy, go to buy, think you want to sell, go to sell, play hit crazy just trade. Suddenly luckily there were lots of demo accounts and I felt like trying a real account, but there was no feeling. It is fitting for demo accounts to trade real accounts, have journals, and so on. If even practical techniques can't be guarded, don't expect to guard your emotions when trading.

3. Appropriate atmosphere

If there are more booths in the house, and you want to be really serious about trading even on a part-time basis, provide one trading booth. You don't need to be extravagant, you just have a chair and a table where your PC or laptop is located, that's enough to become a trading table. Later, you can make a lot of profit, you can design a great forex trading table that can help you give more support.

The story from my colleague, sometimes there is no place, trade in the living room. With a small child, come and take a look at the cartoon again, because I saw my father when he opened the laptop.

So having a booth with a trading atmosphere to suit, even if you are a part-time trader, is very helpful. Behind work, trade at home on the US open session, look for compatible techniques that can be a lot of setup time. Practical and practical.

For those who have a family, look for the appropriate atmosphere. The husband gets the support of the wife so that he understands what you are doing. Talking. Give the best possible explanation about your business so that it can be done calmly. When the heart is calm, everything is calm, right?

Ok, let's make money!