Forex as a half or full time business, how do you do it?

Alhamdulillah, thank God. So that now I have been running this forex trade full time for almost 5 years. There are ups and downs, but the longer the experience will mature us. For me, it is a science that is very suitable to be spread over time because it provides good returns and knowledge to make money work for us.

Crowds are asking me, is this forex trade suitable to be run on a half-time basis or only for full-time. For me, there is no meaning in the word appropriate or not because if we don't try to know it, we who determine it have the right to run this business according to our time accordingly. But let me share my opinion on how I managed forex trading from one past to now.

In early 2000, at that time I was running another business that was different from forex. I know that forex is a high-risk trade if it is not carried out properly and without solid knowledge. At first, I was confusing, I was making other businesses while I was sneaking around looking at the forex chart, my head was busy remembering the article position that I opened at midnight last night. So here my work (other businesses) started to get distracted, and I didn't focus. My trading started showing negative results, starting to lose. I almost 20 hours a day tapping the forex chart.

From here I started to detect, which if I continue with my trade agenda while creating another business, everything will be disturbed. The ligands cannot, the ones that are gutted on the road. I thought this can't be this. Like the word Confucius, the famous philosophy of China. “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps. "

So in order to achieve profitability in forex trading, I changed my steps. I studied and looked for trading setups that really fit my time. Example. My period of running other businesses is from 8 am to 6 pm. So I just look for a setup that's really right and appropriate after I go home, eat, rest, and so on. Around the US Open session (US market open) at 8-9pm. If there is a suitable entry setup, then I will enter the order. The impression I can see is positive. If there is no I do not trade on that day. Let's just say there are no fish in the sea, why sweat scatters the nets.

After being really strong and feeling my business in the forex field was growing and overcoming other businesses that I was doing at that time, then I really decided to trade full-time in this forex field. Capable Full-Time Trader.

In the first part-time, after that full time. Don't be full time at first, after that part-time, it means you fail to guard your emotions and your knowledge is still not enough to try to become a full-time trader. But if you look back, there is actually nothing to be proud of with the status of your trading full time or part-time, the important thing is that your return from forex trading reaches your eyes. And trading forex is very important to have calm emotions.

Make sure our target is a logical one. In the beginning, maybe the target is adding good life, adding side income or passive income to pay for the monthly train, for example. Over time, maybe pay a house. Or the profits are saved as savings. Who knows? So if you are still working, don't sacrifice your job. Forex trading can be done part-time or full time.