EU Determined To Implement Trade Agreement With UK!

 The statement by European Union (EU) Brexit Consultant Michel Barnier stated that the EU remained committed to reaching an agreement with the UK despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson deciding to revise the Brexit agreement.

Although the United Kingdom withdrew from the EU in January, it remained a member of the EU until the end of this year. Negotiations on fisheries issues, national regulations and how trade in Northern Ireland have been conducted under the Brexit 2020 agreement.

Johnson has introduced a bill that will replace some parts of the 2020 agreement. This is strongly opposed by the EU even though it has the support of parliament. The EU states that they can take legal action against violations of international law despite having to take years to resolve.

Barnier did not comment further on the possibility of a trade agreement being signed or not. He only concluded that the EU was determined to do so. The pound sterling continued to strengthen against the US dollar by 0.15% at a reading level of 1.2746.