Help US, Huawei Appeal!

 Chinese telecommunications technology company Huawei Technologies today said that its supply chain had been attacked by the United States and asked Washington to reconsider its trade restrictions that are detrimental to suppliers globally.

As a result, the world's largest mobile telecommunications equipment and smartphone maker is now under pressure as a result of US trade restrictions restricting Huawei's access to commercially available chips.

According to Huawei chief Guo Ping, the US has changed its restrictions for the third time and this has had a huge impact on its production and operations.

It is common knowledge that Washington claims that Huawei is a Chinese spy medium and that as of September 15 the company has imposed new restrictions prohibiting US companies from supplying or providing services to the company. However, Huawei has repeatedly denied the allegations.

He added that although Huawei has enough chips for its business operations, including 5G network enterprises, the US sanctions will still affect its smartphone chip stock.

Meanwhile, there are also suppliers like Qualcomm applying for a US license that will allow them to continue trading with Huawei.

In addition, Intel has received a license to supply certain products to Huawei, while China Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp., which uses US-based machines to produce chips for Huawei, took the initiative to apply for a license.

Therefore, Huawei is alleged to be using Qualcomm chips on its smartphones if the company manages to obtain a license and waive restrictions. However, Qualcomm would like to comment on the issue.


Following the sanctions, Huawei hopes that the US government will reconsider its policies and that if the US government gives permission, they will still buy products from US companies.

The company further revealed that they have stopped making advanced chips under the Kirin network for its luxury mobile phones starting September 15. According to analysts, Kirin's existing supply of chips is expected to run out next year.

However, there are rumors that Washington is ready to step down from its fight with Huawei. The United States says they will expand a program called the "Clean Network" to prevent various Chinese applications and telecommunications companies from accessing sensitive information about American citizens and businesses.