North Korea Trying to Launch Missile?

 A vehicle allegedly carrying a missile was detected at a parade training site in North Korea despite reports that it would only be used for the Korean Workers Party military exhibition on October 10.

According to the 38 North group responsible for monitoring North Korea, commercial satellite images taken today showed the vehicle was likely carrying a missile at the Mirim Parade Training Site, outside Pyongyang.

"Although the image resolution is not sufficient to determine the type of vehicle involved, its size and shape indicate that it may be used to transport and launch large-sized missiles," said the group.

The vehicle is said to be large enough to lift an intercontinental missile (ICBM), which is believed to be capable of launching nuclear warheads anywhere including the United States (US).

The group also did not rule out the possibility of the vehicle being used for other purposes.

Pyongyang has never shown a large-scale missile in any military parade since early 2018 when its leader Kim Jong-un held diplomatic meetings including three meetings with US President Donald Trump.

Political analysts have speculated North Korea may use the march to point out new weapons.