North Korean Army Dos Crazy Work, Burns South Korean Officers

 Seoul, South Korea received sad news when one of the provincial marine officers was brutally killed by the North Korean military.

According to a statement from the South Korean Ministry of Defense, the 47-year-old officer was reported missing last Monday while patrolling the sea about 10 km from the North Korean border, near the Yeonpyeong archipelago.

The victim was later found by North Korean troops at sea before being interrogated. A North Korean senior official has finally issued a murder order.

The South Korean official was shot dead, sprayed all over the body, and burned.

South Korea asks Kim Jong-un's territory for a real explanation. They also demanded that those responsible for death be punished accordingly.

As military relations between North Korea and South Korea and the liaison department between Korea were abolished by north Korea, the reports received were quite limited

The report Seoul received actually relied on a thorough investigation with a variety of sources.

The incident was the second tragedy after a South Korean tourist was killed by North Korean troops in July 2008.

The incident has also weakened the Asian market with most stocks trading lower.

The Nikkei 225 declined 1.16% while the Kospi Composite declined 2.61% over the same period. In China, Shanghai Composite declined 1.37% and Shenzhen Composite declined 1.98%. In Hong Kong, Hang Seng declined 1.99% and S & P / ASX 200 Australia declined 0.90%.