Quiet Trade With These Rules

Among the busy traders who ignore this matter and their impression is very much on the trading portfolio.

And if this continues, it is usually the crowd that will give in to this industry.

The case in question is Stop Loss. Many traders ignore it and there are also many who trade on full margin without Stop Loss and end up burning accounts.

According to Franki Law, an FX trader from Hong Kong said:

“It is crowded that if the MC takes effect after losing 1 position, they will make a deposit and will make a sweeping trade, without Stop Loss and usually will open a lot that is bigger than the previous position. This is very dangerous and at the same time will cause multiple burnt accounts. Why? There is no Stop Loss and want to get big profits at the same time to cover previous losses. "

So, set StopLoss so that the account is not understood by the market, oversee risk management, and make decisions in calm emotions.

Even if hit by Stop Loss, at least not MC.