This sacred article is typical for part time traders

Continuing with the previous article, the first step that needs to be done for those who trade part-time is to match the trading style that suits the time available after working time.

The importance of a suitable trading style is that we can set the time zone which is most suitable for looking at the chart and examining price movements.

In Malaysia, our working hours start at 8 or 9 am, which is the same time the Asian market opens.

And the time we punch out of work is at 4 or 5 in the evening, that time is the active time for the European market.

At 8pm the New York market opens, in coincidence with European time, making it the most active time for the Foreign Exchange market.

And if there is a working ship, another trade time is easy to choose.

Look back at the time the market is active, it is in the evening, and at night that is the time after work.

FX Sessions And here come the sacrifices that time must take to hone your trading skills and generate income from home.

And actually, there are several trading styles that can be chosen and it depends on your suitability, namely:

  1. Scalper
  2. Day Trader
  3. Swing Trader
  4. Position Trader

These four styles differ in terms of timeframes, the number of pips per trade, and so on. The importance of knowing which style is dependent on one's own time and personality.

Feelings are not, a lot of emphases is placed on self-conformity and this actually refers to your decision.

Glorious kid, the choice is yours.