This Trader's Obsession Is Very Dangerous And May Invite You!

In our circles, there are traders who should not be far from MT4. While eating, hanging out with friends, resting with family, really don't like sitting down if you can't see the chart.

During the night, you will also be on guard at 2 3 in the morning, please see what happens at the peak of the New York session and during work, the chart becomes a laptop wallpaper.

And this obsession will be the starting point for the failure of a trader.

Dr. Brett Steenbarger, a professor of psychology and behavior at Suny Medicine University, New York, tells us that he often encounters traders who experience emotional and stress problems.

"I eat sleep and drink with the market, it is everything for me."

If you meet a trader who is in this state, Dr. Brett knows that their energy and emotional levels go up and down with their PROFIT & LOSS.

The author of 'Market Wizards' insists that a position is entered if the setup obtained is an acceptable setup.

If it exceeds what we are allowed to accept, we will make irrational decisions on our trades and it will give a bad impression on ourselves.

Avoid over-trading and don't want to enter a position every now and then because of WANT trades but trade with a good setup and with correct MM care.