This Forex 100% Profit to? or Lost Elongated?

"A loser is someone who lost something."

If you lose, it means you have lost something. Is that right? If we associate it with trading too, if you lose, then you have lost you're $$$.

Losing money is the most dreaded thing. Anyone who learns to trade and starts trading part-time or full-time must set an intention to trade and profit, not trade and lose!

How did you get interested in learning to trade? Most must be interested in trading because they are thrilled to hear stories or read stories about big profits from our friends. We quickly consumed the beautiful stories, we were really excited! Which is not beautiful, for approximate, trading $ 300 a week is the same as a 44 graded lay nurse. Do you know how many times your best friend sat before he got to where he is now?

What would you feel if one way to get into the trading field, you learned to understand the true concept of loss in trading? Okay, your tongue must start feeling chewy, it's not really good to read this verse.


The first thing you need to be willing to trade is you need to be WILLING to lose in trading (ready to lose). You understand that in trading, there is no term 100% profit. If you are allowed to accept this essence, you will not easily break down, be very depressed, or give in quickly. This is called willingness with all possible good (Yay!) Or bad (No al!) Samada.

Where to lose properly? If you see, there are two scenarios that cause you to be depressed if you lose.

  1. You already 'appear' the $$$ symbol, unfortunately, you are wrong and you lose too!
  2. The amount you lose is more than you can afford to lose on a trade.

How to avoid a 'crash' like this?

  1. You really understand every trade will have a risk of profit and loss. Nothing is certain in the world of trading. If you can handle it well, then you will be more at ease if the setup you were sure of suddenly turns to you. This means you still need to study more and assess why you are losing.
  2. To avoid losing beyond your means, you must set a value that you can accept emotionally if you lose. Determine how many dollar signs you can lose on a trade. Make sure it's not all your $$$, it's not a kamikaze dead flick film. Please respect your Stop Loss (SL), take him everywhere.
  3. Don't run from losses! As you know, once you are in position, you will start to feel uncomfortable sitting down. Are you currently losing or making a profit? If you are lucky, smile broadly at you. What if you are in a loss? Will you just sit there waiting to be understood? Even though, don't occasionally pull your SL down / up again in the hope that he won't be hit otherwise. Heart got dry, got hit that at this time you might lose. At least you are not a total loss. It is better to lose a little than to go home with a chicken egg.

As a trader, put your ego and willpower to win every trade to the edge. This is among the causes you lose in trading. It may be difficult for you to accept the fact that trading is "profit and loss".

These two words are closely linked and you will encounter them throughout your trading. The way to really win in trading is to learn to guard and manage your losses so that any losses can be offset by more profits.

Whatever we remember, we must target profit over the loss for eternity in this industry.