Top 5 Countries Following Economy

Who is the world's biggest contributor? And how are their contributions calculated? To understand the world economy, we start with the top 5 countries that dominate the world economy.

The economies of these countries are estimated based on the gross domestic product (GDP) or in Malay is the output in rough countries (KDNK).

Top 10 countries contribute more than 65% of GDP to the world economy. The Top 15 also added 15% to 75% and 172 other countries contributed 25% to the country's economy.

We list the top 5 largest economies in the world by nominal GDP. This list is obtained from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which is updated 2 times a year.

United States

The United States economy is the largest in the world with a nominal GDP of $ 17.41 trillion, estimated to account for 22.4% of the world economy.

They are reported to have a very advanced economic powerhouse and most of their resources are in terms of technology and infrastructure. They also have a large number of originals.

The United States once lost to a second country.


When China started practicing an 'open economic base' in the 70s, it became the world's largest manufacturing and exporting hub. China's economy is contributed by the manufacturing and services sector and also the agricultural sector.

China's nominal GDP is $ 10.35 trillion.


In 2008, signs of the crisis in the Japanese economy were already visible and with the initiative, the kingdom could stem from taking effect. However, a massive earthquake in 2011 has disrupted the kingdom's business.

The nominal GDP of Japan is $ 4.77 trillion.


Germany is the largest and most powerful economy in Europe. As we know, their economy is contributed by the export of machines, vehicles, home appliances, and also chemicals.

The nominal GDP of German is $ 3.82 trillion.

United Kingdom

The economy of the United Kingdom is supported by the services and agriculture sectors. After last Friday's referendum, the UK economy is still seen in an uncertain situation and UK GDP is expected to decline by 2.2-9.5% depending on the trade agreement between the UK and the EU.

This list is to a lesser extent helping us dip our feet in the world of economics. Will be explored little by little for all understanding.

We will touch an understanding of the terms as well later to understand how the world economy actually is.

If you first understand one by one, we may associate our trades with technical analysis and our Depth of Market understanding.

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