What Is The Case Of The EU Investigating China?

 The European Commission (EC) launched an investigation today into imports of fiber optic cables from China, which European Union (EU) manufacturers believe are being sold in Europe at very low prices.

This is because 27 EU members want the digital economy to be an important part of the economic recovery and demand a bigger opening for the Chinese market.

Europacable, which filed a complaint on behalf of EU manufacturers, said about 1.2 million kilometers were sold in Europe last year, of which 15% to 20% came from China, with a total EU market value of around € 1 billion.

Accordingly, Chinese imports are said to have increased by 150% from 2016 to 2019.

In addition, EU anti-dumping investigations are rumored to take up to 15 months, but temporary tasks can be carried out in just 8 months.

For all you know, among the largest manufacturers in the EU are the Italian Prysmian Group, US company Corning, and France-based Nexans and Acome.

China's leading fiber optic cable companies include Yangtze Optical FC, Hengtong Group, Fiberhome, and Futong.

In addition, the EC has conducted some research on fiberglass products from China and imposed tariffs. It also has 29 ongoing trade defense research, 18 of which include products from China.