Donald Trump Is Heal Again?

 United States (US) President Donald Trump was seen waving at his backers gathered outside the hospital, where he was undergoing treatment, as the vehicle carrying him passed them.

Prior to that, Trump delivered a read on Twitter with the feeling that my purchase would make a "surprise visit".

Trump, who was heavily criticized for failing to control the transmission of the Covid-19 epidemic in the US, also said he had learned many things about the virus.

"I learned a lot about Covid-19. I learned it at school. This is a real school. I experienced it myself and can understand it. It's a very interesting subject, I'll tell you about it, "Trump said.

Previously, his doctoral staff announced Trump had shown good progress and could be justified going home as early as today.

Said Dr. Sean Conley, who treated Trump, Trump's oxygen level decreased twice since he was found positive for Covid-19 and Conley started injecting a steroid substance known as dexamethasone into Trump. Dexamethasone is used to increase the chances for Covid-19 patients to recover.

In addition, Trump was also given an additional oxygen supply for an hour while being treated. Trump is reported to have had a hot fever and his oxygen level is said to be below 94%. The normal stage of oxygen for healthy individuals is over 95%.

The doctors also announced that Trump had not had a fever since last Friday and that his kidneys and liver were showing normal signs but Conley was reluctant to answer any questions as if Trump's lungs had shown any damage.

In the meantime, Trump's grand choice of campaigners announced last Saturday that they would move at the maximum speed so that Trump could return to his campaign. The crowd also calls on Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump as well as President Rewards Mike Pence to "take over" the campaign for the time being.