US Stock Market Shows Positive Clues

 The trade index with the United States (US) surged today following reports that President Donald Trump may be justified out of the hospital today, as well as the immediate relief of the uncertain political scenario that had caused Wall Street to plummet in the previous session.

The S&P 500 index surged as much as 0.45% in the early Asian session when trading against the Nasdaq also increased by 0.58%.

Asian markets also take the same steps if trade in front of the Australian index, the S & P / ASX 200 increases by 1.16%, the Japanese Nikkei jumps 1.16% and the trade against Hong Kong, namely Han Seng increases by 1.38%.

Equilibles and other high-return instruments breathed a sigh of relief at Trump's healthy news.

“For the dollar market, the impact is less intense. The dollar should be shrinking relative to most currencies following increased risk-on buying but the Yen currency is also weak and is the only currency the dollar can handle, ”said right-wing currency strategist at IG Securities, Japan.

Gold is seen to have increased by as much as 0.1% to US $ 1,900.92 while trading against Brent surged 0.25% to US $ 39.37 per barrel.

Trump was confirmed positive for Covid-19 last Friday and his doctoral staff announced he was giving a positive signal and could return to the White House today.