Donald Trump Leaves Hospital, Wants to Campaign Back

 US President Donald Trump has been discharged from hospital and is reportedly continuing his treatment at the White House.

He was released from the hospital, three days after being confirmed positive for Covid-19.

"It feels very good. Do not be afraid of Covid. Don't let it control you, "Trump said on his official Twitter.

Trump claims his administration has developed better drugs and he feels healthier than he was 20 years ago. Trump also wants to return to the Presidential election campaign immediately.

He was wearing a suit, tie and face mask, seen walking out of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Washington DC yesterday afternoon local time.

He managed to thank his supporters but refused to answer any questions from the media yesterday.

However, the real status of Trump's health was questioned by many after various conflicting statements arose. In fact, the exact level of virus transmission in the White House is also unclear.

At least 12 people close to Trump were found positive for Covid-19. Most of them were positive after attending a meeting at the White House on September 26.

The White House, however, did not disclose the number of staff found positive since Trump underwent his diagnosis.