McAfee Founder Arrested For Tax Avoidance And Cryptocurrency Offenses

 The Department of Justice (DOJ) today has arrested cyber security software founder McAfee and crypto personality John McAfee in Spain on charges of fraud and tax evasion.

The figure was found to avoid paying taxes in various ways including using the names of other individuals and directing payments to bank accounts, cryptocurrencies, real estate, yachts and another vehicle which is not entirely in his name.

MacAfee also failed to submit tax returns from 2014 to 2018 despite at the same time receiving profits from offering cryptocurrencies, negotiation tasks, talks and selling his life story to be made into a documentary.

If convicted, McAfee will be sentenced to up to 5 years in prison for every 5 charges of tax evasion and up to one year in prison for every five charges for failing to submit a tax return.

McAfee, who was nominated for the presidency of the United States (US) in 2016, was also charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for cheating, admitting that he did not receive any payment during the initial coin offering (ICO) via Twitter.

It is not until 2018 that McAfee claims to have received payment of over $ 23 million in Bitcoin and Ether with each ICO per tweet (tweet) McAfee put a price of $ 105,000.

Personal bodyguard, Jimmy Watson Jr. was also charged with conspiracy to defraud and exchange McAfee-accepted cryptocurrencies.