Has Satoshi Nakamoto Started 'Selling' Bitcoin He Has Owned Since 2010?

 The crypto industry is shaken by Bitcoin (BTC) transfers worth more than $ 11 million, untouched in wallets since mining in 2010.

The question is, who owns the bitcoin?

The transfer of 1,000 BTC amounting to $ 11,425,000 caught the attention of professional cryptocurrency investor Kirill K.

Although the owner of the bitcoin is mysterious and unidentified, many consider the transfer of digital assets to be associated with its founder, Satoshi Nakamoto who disappeared suddenly in 2011 or those who are closely related to Nakamoto.

Which is not the case, bitcoin created during the Satoshi era which was active in 2010 suddenly changed 10 years later! Meanwhile, the transfer can be done at any time, depending on market conditions. Right?

However, it is not clear whether the allegation is authentic or not as the identity of the bitcoin owner is hidden.

Revisit the time to September 2010, when Bitcoin was just less than two years old since its launch into the world, with a value at the time of 10 cents per Bitcoin. Judging by the overall transfer of the digital assets, the overall value was much lower in 2010 at less than $ 100.

Imagine if that individual sold his assets today, it would not be impossible to become a millionaire in the blink of an eye!

Head of strategy at the crypto firm, Ikigai Asset Management, Hans Hauge saw the incident as a precautionary measure to be taken as a precautionary measure, asking former miners to be careful about how they move the assets so as not to shock the entire market.

This is because the sudden transfer of Bitcoin after a long time is not disturbed by the large amount of potential to disrupt the digital asset market.

However, the $ 11 million transaction is not expected to have much of an impact on the value of bitcoin as bitcoin's daily transactions are currently much higher at US billion dollars.