“Hint” Brexit Negotiations Are Positive - This EU Application Will Benefit!

 A statement from a European Union (EU) diplomat on Friday stated that EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier wanted some more concessions from Britain before entering the final phase of negotiations on a trade agreement.

The United Kingdom (UK) has officially left the EU on 31 January but the UK withdrawal vote from the EU has been in place for the past four years where 52% voted for Brexit in the 2016 referendum. the end is on December 31st.

Chief consultants from both sides Barnier and David Frost said they were working to reach an agreement although there were still significant gaps such as fishing, competition and administration issues. The bad news, however, is that both sides have plans in place without an agreement.

Barnier today applied for an advanced concession from the UK before entering the final phase. Prime Minister Boris Johnson's spokesman also said that there had been progress in negotiations despite differences. A spokesman for Johsnon said, "This week's discussion is beneficial and progress has been made in several things. Only a few issues are still in dispute. ”

With the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic rampant, Johnson did not have much choice in whether to continue negotiations or seek a more lucrative trade agreement.