Nepal is getting worse! 100,000 Covid-19 Infection Cases Recorded!

 According to the health ministry, cases of Nepalese coronavirus infection have surpassed 100,000 today and recorded an increase at a faster rate than Pakistan and Bangladesh, which have much larger populations.

Countries with a population of 30 million between China and India have reported 100,676 cases of Covid-19 infection and 600 deaths. Today, a total of 2,059 cases of new daily infections and 10 deaths after conducting a total of 13,279 tests.

Kathmandum City is the largest city in Nepal and its environs account for more than a third of all infections.

Unfortunately, if the infection in the city continues to increase at this rate, the hospital will not be able to accommodate the growing number of aircraft as a result of the outbreak.

In addition, there are 181 intensive care units and 76 ventilators in Kathmandu and nearby cities of Lalitpur and Bhaktapur with a population of 4 million people.

However, patients revealed that ICU beds were inadequate and some hospitals refused to accept Covid-19 patients.

Following the escalating Covid-19 case, Nepal enforced a strict curfew after a second positive case in March. Unfortunately, cases of infection are growing rapidly after the government began reducing precautionary measures in June to improve the fragile economic sector.

In addition, experts also claimed that the government failed to implement strict protocols such as wearing face masks, social imprisonment and individual sanitation and even failed to place those suspected of having the virus under strict supervision.

Accordingly, the Nepalese government claims that the country has the ability to test 23,000 samples every day, tests conducted daily so far are only around 13,000 causing some cases to be undetectable and isolated.