If Biden Wins, Google 'Cry'!

 According to antimonopoly experts, the antitrust case filed by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) against Google will get a fair trial if Democrat Joe Biden wins the US presidency next month.

William Kovacic, a professor of antimony at George Washington University Law School, said he hoped Biden and the DOJ would do one of two things to support the existing case, or change the complaint by filing a new lawsuit.

He added that the case is alleged not to be withdrawn.

The DOJ asked a court on Tuesday to prosecute Google Alphabet for violating antimonopoly laws to maintain its dominance in search and search ads. However, Google has denied the allegations.

Biden's campaign, however, declined to comment on the claim. A spokesman for Bill Russo, meanwhile, said the Biden administration would co-operate on Big Tech-related issues with Rep. David Cicilline, who has submitted reports that Google is using aggressive business tactics to frustrate its competitors.

Last May, Biden stated that issues related to Big Tech need to be investigated.

Following that, there are many parties who agree with the views of the Democratic candidate.

In addition, the steps to be taken by Biden are rumored to be different from President Donald Trump and other conservatives who acted to criticize some technology companies for allegedly blocking conservative voices.

In addition, there are allegations that the solution to the issue is likely to prompt Google to agree not to discriminate in search or to end the insistence that Google products like Chrome be pre-installed on Android smartphones in exchange for access to the Google Play Store .