This is the New Prime Minister of Lebanon!

 Lebanese President Michel Aoun has appointed Sunni Muslim politician Saad al-Hariri as prime minister to form a new government to address the worst crisis since the country's 1975-1990 civil war.

In addition, Hariri has the support of the majority of MPs in negotiations with Aoun. In this regard, he needs to overcome several crises in the country including the banking crisis, the collapse of the currency, the rising poverty rate and the crippling national debt.

In addition, the new government will also have to deal with the surge in Covid-19 cases and the crisis caused by the August explosion at the port of Beirut that killed nearly 200 people and caused millions of dollars in damage.

Earlier, the last government of Sunni leader Hariri was overthrown almost exactly a year ago when protesters seized the country, which angered the Lebanese elite government.

Meanwhile, the nomination today follows after weeks of political strife that has postponed the agreement with the new government.

In addition, Hariri is backed by his own lawmakers, the Shi’ite Amal party, Druze Walid Jumblatt political party and other sub-blocks. Hezbollah Shiite groups revealed that they did not nominate anyone, but would work to facilitate the appointment process.

Meanwhile, the FPM led by Aoun's son-in-law, which has the largest Christian bloc, revealed that they would not nominate Hariri. The Christian party and Hezbollah's rival, the Lebanese Armed Forces, are also rumored to have refused to nominate Hariri, arguing that a veteran politician could not lead the planned cabinet.

However, Hariri has presented himself as a suitable candidate for the development of a cabinet that can revive the French road map, which sets out the reforms needed to drive foreign aid. He also said that Lebanon must agree with the IMF's reform program to avoid a crisis.