Market Expectations Rise Again After This European Union Response Statement!

 The European Union is still working to reach a Brexit deal even though British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says it is time for the UK to prepare a trade-off agreement by the end of this year.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen commented following an hour of Johnson's comment that the EU would continue to work to reach an agreement if it was a fair deal. On its Twitter page, Leyen has uploaded a preview that as planned, EU negotiations will travel to London next week to resume Brexit negotiations.

On Friday, Boris Johnson uploaded a statement in the form of allegations that the EU had refused to negotiate seriously to reach an agreement on future relations between Brussels and London, Johnson also stated that if the EU changed direction then there would be no agreement.

Johnson also stated that it was time to prepare for the scenario without an agreement. However, one EU diplomat has issued a statement saying Johnson did not specifically say Britain was leaving the talks.