Boris Johnson - This Is The Best Conclusion In Brexit Issues!

 Prime Minister Boris Johnson issued a worrying statement on Friday that it was time to prepare for the ‘no deal’ situation with 10 weeks left. This is because the European Union has refused to negotiate seriously but if it benefits both parties then he will consider it.

A ‘no deal’ situation can have a greater impact than what is being faced such as shocks in the supply chain. In a Brexit summit on Thursday, the EU expressed concern over the lack of progress and called on the UK to focus on key issues or choose not to enter into an agreement.

According to Johnson, ‘I have concluded that we (UK) should be prepared to deal with the January 1 situation by structuring the implementation framework as implemented by Australia.

He also expressed confidence that the UK was ready to implement alternative measures and that the UK could become a free trade country, operate and set its own laws.

On the other hand, other sources report that the EU is still hopeful and ready for more trade talks in Britain next week.